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Feedback of Dads Wearing Babies

Daniel Craig got backlash for wearing his baby...

This moment on the news media and Twitter is part of what inspired my study on social media depictions of dads wearing babies. Piers Morgan wrote on Twitter that James Bond, the character in a series of movies, was emasculated because Daniel Craig, the latest actor of James Bond, wore his baby. See more of the news event here.

Thousands of people tweeted back to Piers Morgan with images of themselves (or their partners) wearing babies.

This is not just a claim about men wearing babies, this is a claim about new norms of fatherhood and masculinity. I believe that the market caught wind of this and uses images of actual dads instead of models in their marketing campaign.

However, this new practice of fatherhood is contested, not all men do it or like the fact that men do. Why? Ok, maybe they don't choose that for themselves, but to hate on the men that do it?! What for?

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